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Turn your lay / Back betting system into winning systems with my easy learn low risk Amazing staking plans.

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A choice of 10 different easy to follow
staking / bank plans.

"How could I not write an endorsement for Roy's Amazing Staking Plan, it has even changed the way that I stake! "

Thanks for the hard work Roy. Malcolm.

From the betting desk of Roy Lee

Dear Racing Fan

If you make bets on the betting market then you know how difficult it can be to recover from one loss, let alone 2 or 3 in a row. Unfortunately most of the advice you get normally means big bucks, to recover small losses.

Like you I have been there and tried most of them and lost my bank on several occasions and that is what drove me to find a better way, which would be easy to follow, and didn't put your betting bank under extreme pressure after 1 or 2 losers and would even allow me to go 3 or 4 losses and still recover quickly.

Most people recommend staking plans like the Martingale staking plan ( Beware this can cost you big time after just 1 loser!) or the Cancellation Staking plan and other exotic ideas that are either overly complex or just don't work.

Now there will be some reading this that say "you shouldn't use any system that doesn't make profit at level stakes" and in some ways I agree, but if you are following a good system that has very few losers then why not use a staking or bank plan?

It will help get back those losses a little quicker without putting your bank under pressure?

After trying many different ideas it finally hit me one day and I started testing what I refer to as my Amazing Recover Plan and Ultimate Staking Plan.

Ok I know it is a little dramatic but I think it is amazing and just about everyone who uses it says the same.


Because it does everything it should do, but from the original plan created, I have managed to improve it further creating no less than 10 unique ways that you can use to profit from lay bets no matter what your risk comfort level is.

At no time is your bank put under major pressure, in fact you can take 6 losers in a row with this system, but if you are experiencing that from a lay selection method, then I should find another!

10 different ways to increase profits from lay selections, without putting your bank under pressure, it's as simple as that.

How to make the most of any staking/bank plan
 5 Staking plans you should avoid and why.
10 Highly successful plans to explode your profits
 Little known secrets on how to make your staking even more effective.
Multiple Betting Banks and how to get the best from them

So Roy what do I actually get?

You get 5 PDF's that contain everything I have learned about staking and banking while lay betting, including 10 different plans to choose from, plus the following bonuses to make it a complete package.

10 specially formatted sheets in word and Excel already to use.
 3 Almost Guaranteed ways to make a profit from betting
The Mugs Punter, a very interesting lay idea I came up with.
Claiming Lay system. I don't write my own lay systems so Malcolm said I could include this one from his Lay Betting System package.

Now includes Version 2.00. From all the testing I have finally come up with what I feel is the Ulitmate Staking plan nad in Version 2 I show you the following.

Common Staking Myths and Questions answered
Working out the true value of your bet's. This is must know if you are going to make real money from betting.
3 major test that prove my ultimate Staking Plan woks
 The results charts, further prove that my staking systems work better than any other on the market.

You get all the above for just £49.95 £29.97

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Now you have no excuse for losing money from mad staking plans, with just one of my staking plans you can improve your profit and protect your bank, but you have 10 to choose from.

So don't delay Click Here to download now.

All downloads are in PDF format and work on PC or Mac and can be read immediately after download.

Good Luck!
Roy Lee

P.S. Don't forget the price will be going up.

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